The Standing Trial Population (STP) Centres support fast-early stage validation studies of medical devices and digital health systems to accelerate technology development for both health and economic outcomes.  The STPs are associated with clinical champions with access to a population of patient groups and health providers willing to participate in focus groups and validation trials. These collaborative Centres reduce the length of time and expense in identifying clinical expertise and recruiting patients. It allows feedback from the end user groups at various developmental stages and fast-track commercial uptake of medical technologies.

There are now four STPs  set-up in New Zealand, each offering different value propositions to innovations. Access is available through fee-for-service model to local and international medical technology and digital health companies as well as researchers. 

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The STPs have expertise to advise on ethics requirements for your study. 

Companies are required to have indemnity cover for any projects undertaken with the STPs. 

The Consortium for Medical Device Technologies (CMDT) is a key contact for NZ's capability and resources in MedTech. Find out more here