Standing Trial Populations

STP targeting technologies for elderly care covering the continuum of hospital to home  

This is hosted by the Institute of Healthy Ageing at Waikato District Health Board. The institute is integrated into the hospital community, and has a large population of older or rehabilitative patients.

For more information or to get involved, please contact An Yu at

STP for rehabilitation and assistive technologies, also known as the Rehabilitation Innovation Centre (RIC).  

The RIC is connected to the Rehabilitation Centre at AUT and the Burwood Academy of Independent Living in Christchurch. This STP hosts a large population of people with neurological pathologies (i.e. stroke, traumatic brain injury, and spinal cord injury) and chronic disabling conditions (i.e. Arthritis, CORD, CHF, Gout) and the rehabilitation professionals who work with them. 

Contact: Nada Signal (AUT) –  

Debbie Snell (BAIL) – 

STP for technologies used in rural and remote community care. 

This STP population comprises of health provider groups across the North Island. For more information, please contact: Diana Siew at

STP for the design and development of new devices

The  first of these STPs focuses on  products and technologies for use in the hospital environment and is the CoLab, an initiative by AUT and Auckland DHB. 

Contact: Stephen Reay -